white matte alligator belt
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  • This genuine American alligator belt is hand made by Edgemon Crockett.  
  • This belt is a one piece vertical cut belt.  It is a matte finish white and we add a pearly finish to give it a nice luster and shine.  
  • This lining of this belt comes with the finest waxed Sedwick Leather.  This leather is the best one can buy. 
  • This alligator belt is equipped with interchangable hidden snaps, so one can swap out buckles if desired. 
  • The buckle is a solid elongated brass buckle.  
  • We hand craft each belt in our store, which is located in Bainbridge, Ga.  
  • We take pride in our products and are excited to say it is all American made and assembled by the owners of the company.
  • Item #: CAB

Oyster Pearl American Alligator Belt One Piece

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