tan alligator belt
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This light brown matte finish alligator belt is hand made by Edgemon Crockett.  It is wild American alligator.  This particular belt is a one piece.  A one piece alligator belt is a single strip of gator.  The cut is vertical, starting from the neck downwards, and has a wide variety of scale ratio.  These belts are very durable and are top of the line.  The leather we use for the lining of the belts is double shoulders and double bends.  It is the toughest part of the hide and does not contain any wrinkles or piping.  It is of the finest and will not stretch or crack.  The buckles we use are solid brass and equipped with hidden snaps in order for the buckles to be interchangeable.  These alligator belts are built by us, the owners, and we take much pride in our work.  Ultimately, we guarantee our merchandise and strictly use American made materials for these supreme alligator products.

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One Piece Genuine American Alligator Belt Light Brown Matte

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