Genuine Alligator Belts

When choosing a gator belt there are a few things to consider.  It is essential to be exact on size.  When selecting the correct fit, we suggest adding an additional two inches to one's waist size.  This is due to the thickness of the pants and shirt.  A standard belt has 5 holes placed exactly one inch apart.  The aim is to have the buckle of the belt go through the middle hole, which would be the third from the tip.  For example, if one is wearing pants with a size 34, then we suggest ordering a 36 belt.  Once the belt size is configured, then one should consider what width of belt is most appealing to one's taste.  The standard width of belts are 30mm.  For a more slender look one may prefer an inch belt.  If one requires a wider belt, then he or she should go with the 35 mm.  We hope these suggestions will guide one with choosing the correct dimensions for your genuine alligator belt.  If we did not fulfill all your questions please call us and we will gladly explain further.

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  These genuine alligator belts are hand crafted and made to order.  These belts are all wild American alligator.  We specialize in a one piece alligator belt, but offer many varieties.  The American alligator is a superior hide.  It is the most durable and sought after of the crocodilian family.  Alligator skin belts are very luxurious, so we make sure our belts consists supreme material.  Each gator belt is lined with the finest backing.  This leather backing is double bends and double shoulders.  This area of the hide is the best and most durable.  Each alligator belt comes with interchangable snaps, so one may change out buckles.  Our buckles are very elegant and classy.  We use solid brass in either silver or gold, depending on the customers choice.  The assemblage of these exotic belts is done with precision and accuracy.  Ultimately, these hand crafted belts are built to last and will not disappoint.